2021 Annual Dues

Aikido Shimbokukai is the national organization to which The MAT Center/Shinjinkan Dojo belongs. Your annual dues registers you with Shimbokukai, and your rank with Aikido World H.Q. in Tokyo. Dues must be submitted by all members before testing for the first Aikido. These dues allow us to maintain our connection to Aikido World H.Q. in Tokyo, and to support our larger community of Aikidoists worldwide. To be listed as active (and eligible to test in 2021) you must be up to date with these dues.

The annual dues is $50 per member, and is due January 30. You can submit them online here:

Should anyone be unable to submit annual dues because of financial hardship, please inform us and we will make some arrangement. Thank you all…we look forward to practicing with you in 2021!

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