How to choose a good Aikido bokken to start your training

What is an Aikido Bokken? A bokken is a tool or instrument that the Aikidoka uses to practice Aiki Ken or Sword curriculum of Aikido. In Aikido training, we use a wooden (Boku) sword (Ken) for safety reasons. Without further delay, here is the Aikido Bokken Page. Please have a read and let me know what you think.

1.The correct terminology (boken, bokken, or bokuto)
2.Why use a wooden sword when practising Aikido?
3. My Aikido Bokken collection
4. The type of wood for your bokken
5. What you need to look out for when you are physically inspecting a bokken
6. What is the ideal weight?
7. How much should I spend on it?
8. Which one should I get if I am just starting Aikido?
9. Bokken and Bukiwaza
10. Ken Suburi
11. Kumi Tachi
12. Ki No Musubi No Tachi
13. Tachi Dori
14. Ken Tai Jo
If you know how to use an Aikido bokken, you can grab any stick (e.g. broomstick or mob stick) or any long object and apply the same (ken) techniques for self-defence. Knowing how to use a ken greatly changes and improves your Aikido. You will understand ‘riai’ the relationship between weaponry and the body. The best effect of bukiwaza on me is it eliminated and controlled my ‘flinge’ reflex. If you do manage to acquire an Aikido bokken, please use it and practice every day. Practice the Ken Suburi everyday if possible.

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