Dear friends and family, 

The MAT Center is committed to supporting the health and safety of all who enjoy visiting our location. First, we want to let you know there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 in our member base, and we intend to do our part to keep it that way. 

In response to recent community and global health concerns regarding coronavirus COVID-19, we want to assure you we are taking extra precautions to try and ensure a safe environment for our team members, students, parents, and visitors. We will be taking extra precautions to clean high traffic and high touch surfaces as well at temporarily placing the water fountain out of order. 

Our programs are high touch and as such, we carry a higher chance of community transmission. Your health as well as that of your friends, family, and neighbors is our priority! So after meeting internally with our leadership team, one of whom is an epidemiologist (public health professionals who investigate patterns and causes of disease and injury in humans), we have decided to take a proactive approach. 

Actions we are taking:

– Beginning March 13th, all Martial Arts classes at the MAT Center will be suspended until Harris and Montgomery County health officials feel it is safe for group activities to resume. We will be evaluating this frequently and will update you as frequently as is prudent.

– While there is no substitute for class time, our instructional team will be developing a series of videos that we will make available to you that will act as a guide for individual practice and to help keep you engaged. We hope you will watch these and continue to train even while not on the mat.  We will be sending more details on these soon. 

Our ask of you:

– Prioritize the safety of you and your family first. 

– Share this information with others who are connected with our school, whom we may have missed in the recipients list. We try to capture the information from everyone we can, but we may have missed an email along the way. If you know of someone that should be getting this email but didn’t, please ask them to share their email address with us via:

– Martial arts has a spiritual, contemplative side. Even though this situation is not ideal, we can use this time to reflect on the important people in our lives, to take care of one another and to prepare ourselves for a renewed commitment to each others’ friendship, the arts and our school when we reopen.

– Lastly, we ask you to be patient. We know this situation is stressful for everyone in more ways than one. We are a non-profit organization and depend on your contributions each and every month to keep the doors open and the lights on. If you need to pause your membership, we fully understand and will do so for you without question. However, if you are able to persist through the difficult times with us, we are appreciative of your continued support. Our team is discussing ways to show our gratitude. 

If you are a potential new student, please feel free to reach out for more information and check back soon for updates.

Thank you,The MAT Center/HHR Foundation

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